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All shirts have the oval ROOST Logo on the back and  have either our Rooster Logo or the 'Juiced' slogan on the front. 

All are available in Black, Gray, Forest Green, Blue, and Brick (sort of a dull Red). 

When ordering, please specify size, style, color, and front design desired. 
Please include check or money order plus $2.00 s&h for each item ordered (max of $10.00 shipping per order). 
Prices shown include NC sales tax.  All orders will be shipped via Uncle Sam's very own US Postal Service. 

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World Famous ROOST Tee's.  Woven from the finest fabrics on earth.  Vivid, long lasting prints.
 Amazing, eye catching design!

[90% of people questioned said they got laid while wearing a ROOST shirt!!]

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Our Marbleized are specially made for the ROOST by a street corner beggar who is tired of 'working for food'.   

They come in two basic colors, Blue and a very Cool Sunburst pattern.  

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All Tank Tops are available in either a Men or Women style cut.  

The female cut has smaller arm holes to help keep those puppies penned up!!

LongSleeve T.jpg (38771 bytes) Our Long Sleeve Tee's are perfect for ridin' in the hot sun.  In addition to the regular printing on the front and back, these also have the sleeves printed. $19.00
DooRag 1.jpg (64309 bytes)
Model is BC's Grandson,


Keeps the sweat ouuta yer helmet; Protects yer bald spot from da Sun!!

Made from the finest far eastern fabric, sewn by little brown kids!

 Don't let them labor in Vain!!  Buy Several!!

Cheap!!!  ONLY $6.00 each or two for just $12.00

One Size fits anyone who has $6.00

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It keeps ya beverage cool & keeps you looking COOL!!
Made from the absolute finest re-cycled condoms! 

Help save the Planet, buy several for you and yer friends.

Real Cheap.  Only $3.50 each, two for a mere $8.00

[Mr. 'T' says, "Ah pity de fool dat ain't got one!!"]

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NEW!! The ROOST 2000 Photo Refer Calendar

[Don't get excited, its for your fridge,  not yer private garden!!]

This calendar has the aerial photo of the ROOST and are on a magnetized backing.  When Y2K is over, ya can just cut off the calendar portion and still have a cool photo to show ya friends.

  Comin' Soon!  ROOST Vest Pin!!  

Shovelhead Red - The Drifter's Way!!



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