I took this ride this June with my son Trint who was just finishing a tour of  comedy clubs in the mid west.  Sjue flew out and rode for a week with us, first ever roadtrip for her, first time to the real mountains.  Needless to say, we had a LARGE time!!!

CO Natl Monument BC n Sjue 3.jpg (207937 bytes)

CO Natl Monument BC n Trint 3.jpg (160155 bytes) CO Natl Monument BC 1.jpg (208578 bytes)
CO145 W of Telluride.jpg (196092 bytes) CO92 N to Crawford Trint.jpg (238797 bytes) US24 N of Leadville.jpg (192622 bytes)
US24 Redcliff Bridge 1.jpg (229596 bytes) US24 Rockclimbing BC.jpg (224905 bytes) US24 SilverDollar Saloon 2.jpg (222783 bytes)
US24 SilverDollar Saloon 4.jpg (214286 bytes) US550S S of Ouray.jpg (208096 bytes) US550S N of Silverton.jpg (189382 bytes)