What'll it Cost Ya!

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We have a total of ten individual cabins.  Five are grouped at the upstream edge of the campground overlooking the swim hole and the main waterfall.   Five are at the down stream rapids.  All are equipped with a double bed.  

Double Occupancy per Night Only 
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Our Condo Cabin is a three room unit  equipped with two single beds per room..

[We will be adding a second similar unit this fall]  

Double Occupancy per Night Only 
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If pitching a tent is yer thing, you really got lucky at the ROOST.   All of our camping area has lush, green grass and has been picked clean of rocks or debris which tend to make sleeping on the ground slightly uncomfortable. Not to mention being just a few feet away from a beautiful mountain stream.

Per Night Per Person Only 
Do ya really NEED a picture of this?  
Ice and Chests.  Don't worry about packing either, we have plenty of each.  Food and beverage (as well as almost anything else) are available less than 1/4 mile away at the country store.    Ice Chest are rented for the duration of your stay. Ice:     $1.50
Chest:  $2.50
Firewood.jpg (69148 bytes) Our firewood is hand cut, split, and [sorta] stacked by our own local Paul Bunyon (retired). Can only be purchased in person cause you have to haul it off.  Sold by the wheelbarrow load only.   By the Load $5.00 
Starts a fire quicker than a cow in Chicago!! Fire Starter.  Liquid Kindlin'!!  Don't worry about never finishing Boy Scout school.  Leave the sticks at home, just bring the bic, light the corner, and ya got a fire that'd make Daniel Boone proud! $1.50

ROOST Regulations

We have very few rules at the ROOST.  But these are absolute!  

Violating these rules WILL result in expulsion, NO EXCEPTIONS!!







RIDER's ROOST is an adult oriented facility.  
Children under 18 years of age will not be admitted.