We started this ride in early Aug. and headed directly for the Blue Ridge Parkway South.  We worked our way west via North GA, AL, MS and Ark.  We managed to stow the brain buckets and made our way through the Ozarks.  Then through OK (actually found a couple of pretty miles that weren't flat), TX, and NM.  We rode thru the beautiful Santa Fe Mountains and eventually wound up in a town named after the state's most famous 'woman of the evenin' "Tucumcari" (Pronounced 'two-cum-cari').  We rode thru the beautiful southwest across the NM & AZ deserts, dodging storms the entire way.  Sedona AZ was part of the itinerary, and it was worth the heat to get there. 

From Sedona, we headed north, caught the Grand Canyon and ended up in the Monument Valley for a couple of nights R&R (Unc fell over again!).  A person can end up in a lot worst places to crash for a coupla days that this place.  Not much for vegetation, but  ya can understand why the Indians loved it so much. 

On thru eastern Utah (Canyon Lands Natl Park, and lots of barren road) where both BC's bike crapped out (fried stator) and Trint's threw the primary drive belt on the same day near Salt Lake city.  Once we got these minor problems taken care of, all three of us took a wrong turn into the road maintained project from hell.  (Never follow Unc following a dirt hauler following a lead truck!!)

We continued riding the mountain roads thru southern ID and worked our way North following the Salmon River.  When we made it to Missoula, MT, we laid up waiting on the weather to get into what is probably the most scenic Natl Park in the lower 48, Glacier Park.  Turned out, we entered the park just after a substantial snow fall, and the peaks were covered in the white shit.  Late August!! 

All good things had to come to an end, so we turned east again and headed home, dropping down thru WY, thru the most expensive and scenic toll road in the country [thru Yellowstone North to the Eastern gates] and on into  CO.  The trip thru  KN, (can't say enough about that run) was predictable.  We found much more scenic roads in KY and  TN.  We dropped in from the north for the final run to the Roost.  As usual, we found some fine back woods ridin' along the way.  The entire little jaunt lasted only a month and covered just a little over 7500 miles.

Hope ya enjoy the shots we posted.          bc

RT2002-01.jpg (651702 bytes)

Panoramic View of Sedona, AZ

RT2002-02.jpg (1344529 bytes)

US 89-N of Sedona South of  Flagstaff, AZ

RT2002-03.jpg (1099852 bytes)

Unc Ridin' US 89 headed to the 'Big Ditch'

RT2002-04.jpg (1086035 bytes)

Unc & BC at the Ditch

RT2002-05.jpg (1010061 bytes)

Overlooking the Canyon

RT2002-06.jpg (1133987 bytes)

Trint, BC, & Unc on US160 in the Painted Desert, AZ

RT2002-07.jpg (1265515 bytes)

Still on US 160 in the Monument Valley, UT

RT2002-08.jpg (1716360 bytes)

Mexican Hat, UT. Ck out the rock balancing act!

RT2002-09.jpg (1161564 bytes)

The 3 Amigos again at Natural Bridge Natl Park, UT

RT2002-10.jpg (1219981 bytes)

The Amigos in Arches Natl Park, UT

RT2002-11.jpg (1040641 bytes)

Another shot of the Park

RT2002-12.jpg (1111872 bytes)

Leaving Arches Natl Pk

RT2002-13.jpg (1835421 bytes)

Saw Tooth Range, ID

RT2002-14.jpg (1703003 bytes)

At the Bitter Roots, ID

RT2002-15.jpg (982979 bytes)

Great shot of the Mt Range in Glacier Park Montana

RT2002-16.jpg (1005553 bytes)

Still in Glacier Pk.

RT2002-17.jpg (854896 bytes)

Los Tres Amigos at the lake

RT2002-18.jpg (1444908 bytes)

Unc takin' a leak! 

RT2002-19.jpg (596093 bytes)

Panoramic view of the 'Road to the Sun' in Glacier Pk.

RT2002-20.jpg (1125715 bytes)

Takin' a break leaving the Pk

RT2002-21.jpg (1167121 bytes)

Somewhere in WY

RT2002-22.jpg (1114124 bytes)

Still in WY

RT2002-23.jpg (1142238 bytes)

Bear Tooth Pass, WY

RT2002-24.jpg (1099439 bytes)

Bear Tooth Pass, WY